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Archaeological Cladistics Department of Anthropology University of Missouri Michael J. O'Brien
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In Press

  • A geometric morphometrics-based assessment of the number of point types on the Southern Plains during Plainview times. In Plainview: The Enigmatic Artifact Style of the Great Plains, edited by V. Holliday, R. Knudson, and E. Johnson. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press (B. Buchanan, M. J. O'Brien, and M. Collard) (in press) [article in pdf]

  • Collective behaviour, uncertainty and environmental change. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A (R. A. Bentley and M. J. O'Brien) (in press) [article in pdf]

  • Evaluating reproductive decisions as discrete choices under social influence. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (R. A. Bentley, W. A. Brock, C. C. S. Caido, and M. J. O'Brien) (in press) [article in pdf]

  • Fitness landscapes among many options under social influence. Journal of Theoretical Biology (C. Caiado, W. A. Brock, R. A. Bentley, and M. J. O'Brien) (in press) [article in pdf]

  • Validating niche-construction theory through path analysis. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (W. A. Brock, M. J. O'Brien, and R. A. Bentley) (in press) [article in pdf]

  • Clovis colonization of eastern North America: A phylogenetic approach. Science and Technology of Archaeological Research (M. J. O'Brien, B. Buchanan, and M. I. Eren) (in press)

  • The role of experimental stone-tool replication in hypothesis-driven archaeology. Ethnoarchaeology (M. I. Eren, S. J. Lycett, R. J. Patten, B. Buchanan, and M. J. O'Brien) (in press)

  • Dual inheritance, cultural transmission, and niche construction. In The Handbook of Culture and Biology: Bridging Evolutionary Adaptation and Development, edited by J. M. Causadias, E. H. Telzer, and N. A. Gonzales. New York: Wiley (M.J. O'Brien and R. A. Bentley) (in press)

  • A review of Late Pleistocene North American bone and ivory rods. In Osseous Projectile Weaponry, edited by M. Langley. New York: Springer (M. J. O'Brien, R. L. Lyman, B. Buchanan, and M. Collard) (in press)

  • Paleo Crossing (33ME274): A Clovis site in northeastern Ohio. In The Eastern Fluted Point Tradition (Vol. 2), edited by J. A. M. Gingerich. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press (M. I. Eren, B. G. Redmond, G. L. Miller, B. Buchanan, M. T. Boulanger, B. M. Morgan, and M. J. O'Brien) (in press)

e-mail: obrienm@missouri.edu

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